When rescuers discover a hunting dog abandoned in the field, rotting alive, they are determined to save her.

Rescuers find abandoned hunting dog rotting alive in field and become determined to save her
Rescuers find abandoned hunting dog rotting alive in field and become determined to save her

 It hurts a lot when we find a dog in trouble because they are innocent beings. They are in a terrible circumstance due to no fault of their own.

The same event happened to a dog found in the countryside by Diasozo Animal Rescue Team members in Karditsa, Greece.

At the time, the dog was in horrible shape. Fortunately, the members were willing to help her and offer the aid she needed.

The dog was found in a field with several injuries. The villagers phoned the rescue, and the staff rushed to aid the dog.

When rescuers arrived, the dog, called Lydia, was alone in the field. She was terribly frail and had a large festering wound on her back, and she needed medical treatment right now.

Lydia was gently transported to a nearby clinic. They carried her out of the sector by lifting her up. They went cautiously so as not to further hurt her.

They decided to take her to the vet right away. Lydia was thus ready for the voyage. She was covered in a blanket and placed in a cage in the back of the truck.

She needed to be kept secure while she was being treated for her injuries. They ultimately reached it to the veterinarian. When they opened Lydia’s cage, she leaped out. Despite her injuries, she was ecstatic. She walked with a limp and was then examined on an examination table.

After an examination, it was found that, in addition to the large wound on her neck, she had a smaller one on her injured leg where the bone had broken and punched through.

Lydia received treatment for her injuries and began to improve day by day. Despite the fact that she limped around, she had improved significantly and had more energy than before.

She was driven to her foster home to finish her recovery before being placed in a new home. For more information on DAR Animal Rescue, visit the organization’s Facebook page.

Watch the video below to learn more about Lydia’s heartwarming rescue and recovery!

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