United by adventure: two companion dogs embrace the world and share every moment of life’s journey

For animal lovers, the close friends Watson and Kiko are no longer unknown. Both are golden retrievers adopted by their owner Jennifer, who lives in England. When she moved and was looking for a companion, Jennifer decided to adopt Watson since the dog was born. When Watson was 8 months old, 5-year-old Kiko was adopted and became the third member of the family.

Golden-haired Kiko was a dog, but a past accident caused him such severe anxiety that he became depressed and he had to quit his job. When they met, Watson and Kiko were extremely attached and stuck together like silhouettes from that moment on. Jennifer believes it was Watson who brought Kiko joy, helping this rescue dog calm down, feel safe, gradually overcome his mentality, and become happier and more active.h-a-n-h



Best friends Watson and Kiko are always together. Thanks to the appearance of Watson, Kiko was able to overcome his fear of her and become more active.h-a-n-h

Jennifer later adopted Harry the cat. I thought dogs and cats wouldn’t get along, but this trio is extremely “compatible” and lives together in harmony. Watson and Kiko are always like two older brothers protecting the kitten. Thanks to that, her Instagram account created by Jennifer has so far attracted almost half a million followers.

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