Unbelievably, the 4-year-old boy in the village resembled a 75-year-old man, shocking the whole village.


Baby Bayezid Hossain

According to Mirror, even though he is only 4 years old, Bayezid has the appearance of an 80-year-old man: sagging, wrinkled skin, swollen face, difficulty urinating…

Doctors said she had a rare disease called Progeria and Cutis Laxa (flabby skin). Bayezid’s parents said that because of this disease, he will not live beyond 15 years old.

At first, the children in the village were afraid to play with her, even though she was much smarter than her peers. Over tι̇ɱe, people got used to it and affectionately nicknamed me “old man”.

Bayezid’s mother, Tripti Khatun, gave birth to her when she was 14 years old. She said that although she was heartbroken by her child’s illness, she was still surprised to see her child’s intellectual superiority: he had a great ability to talk, was conscious and seemed to understand things better than other children. year old.

“She’s very stubborn and knows what she wants, and the older she gets, the more impatient she becomes. But she’s happy, sharp, and talks all the tι̇ɱe,” she added.

He is not currently going to school but loves playing ball, drawing on paper, and even knows how to take toys apart and put them back together.

Bayezid’s father, Lovelu, said he was very proud of the baby. “Compared to children of the same age, he is extremely intelligent. With his cousins, he is very friendly and humorous. He knows his condition, but he does not like to talk about it. He only cries when he feels feel awkward,” he said.

Bayezid Hossain and his favorite ball

He also said that his family spent about 400,000 rupees (more than 110 million VND) to take their child for medical examination and treatment, even went to priests, shamans… for help, but the situation did not get better, even Even worse.

Now they just pray for a miracle for their baby son.

“We want to have another child but we are too scared. We feel very helpless. Like all parents, we want our child to live a long and healthy life… Now we just hope There was a miracle that saved us,” Lovelu said.

Baby Bayezid Hossain and his parents

Bayezid Hossain’s parents said the baby only cries when he feels awkward

Bayezid Hossain knows his condition and he doesn’t like anyone talking about it


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