Unable to help but be horrified at the image of the poor frozen dead dog because its entire body was covered in asphalt

Although many appropriate penalties have been imposed for animal cruelty, many people still seem to ignore that warning. This time, the victim was a stray dog thrown into an asphalt pit in the town of Monte Chingolo, Argentina.

The dog was found in early May with its body covered in asphalt. It is known that the first to discover it were two young people. As they walked down the street, they saw him painfully emerge from a hole. Immediately afterwards, the two children called an animal protection center in the city to save the life of the poor stray dog.

Because the asphalt is very resistant, the animal protection center staff had to use up to 5 liters of oil to remove the black plastic from the dog’s fur. Finally, after 5 hours of washing, it was clean.

Myriam Ortellado, an employee at the Monte Chingolo protection center, said the asphalt covered the dog’s entire body. She therefore assumed that someone had thrown it into the asphalt pit rather than accidentally falling. After joining the center, the dog was named Dau after the solution used to save his life.h-a-n-h



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