Two dogs with severe skin diseases were saved: Observe their transition from suffering to recovery and the changes that ensued.

On 10 Nov, when walking in the park, I saw a puppy that looked like he was stuck in a house, but nobody lived there. He was sad and weak, and my heart was broken. I climbed over the gate and checked on him. When he saw me, he ran but was too weak and fell down. He still had clothes on his little body, and I was not sure what happened. I tried to talk to him to not scare him off, but sadly he hid himself in the fence again.

I checked around and realized that he was a nobody’s puppy, so I took him. He was exhausted and nearly collapsed after the blood test. Luckily after a while, he got better and was able to walk a bit. He was still depressed but communicated with me as well. We gave him a bit of food, and this time he took it.

I came back to the park to check and found another puppy. They might have been abandoned together, but I took them both. The latter was a bit bigger and healthier as well. Both had severe skin infections that stuck in their clothes, so I tried to remove their clothes, but it was too painful. I had to bring them to the vet tomorrow again.

Finally, we were able to take the clothes off, and now we could see how bad their skin was. The vet said we should put them under the sun as much as possible. After two days, the infection dropped off a bit. They ate well, slept well, and behaved very well. I was really happy and thought I had saved them both.

But the little one got sick suddenly after that. I brought her to the vet, and we tried our best, but sadly, she didn’t make it – I felt so sorry for her. The bigger one still stayed with us, and he improved very well. I put him to stay with another puppy we rescued earlier, and they got along well with each other. But our boy still needed daily treatment for his skin and playing outside – it would help him as well.

It was great to see him improve every day and gain weight as well. He learned very fast and was ready for adoption. When people came to adopt him, he just ran away. But when they were gone, he came back and played a lot. I made a lot of cute pictures of him. Finally, a boy came, and he played with him. I thought it was a great sign, so we let them adopt him.

Before going to his new home, we took him to the vet again. On his way, I was happy to think that he would be happy forever with his new God brother.

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