To Ьᴜгу the deаd puppy, the mother dog dug a hole herself and wouldn’t go till the hole was full.

There is no more tragic event than saying goodbye to your child. This applies to both people and animals. We tend to think that four-legged friends don’t feel the same emotions as us, but when faced with such a situation they too suffer a lot. Bettie had to bury her lifeless puppy. She alone dug a hole to give the little one a dignified burial.

Bettie is a little dog who has known the sadness of losing a puppy. She did everything to revive him and try to save him, but unfortunately there was no hope for him. The only thing left to do was say goodbye to him. So the mother had to bury her baby. She herself dug a hole with her paws to let him rest in peace.

Lenny Rose Ellema is Bettie’s owner and she captured everything on video. The woman shared them on her Facebook profile, provoking the emotion of many people.

The sequence of images showing Bettie continuing to dig the hole relentlessly to put away her dead puppy have gone viral. The dog then covered everything with soil and didn’t leave until she was finished.

The mother remained close to her little one until the end. The sadness that Bettie felt is tangible and the viewer himself feels enormous sorrow in seeing her bury her puppy.

Lenny Rose Ellema let Bettie finish her work. She couldn’t interrupt something the dog felt like doing. Her natural instinct led her to dig the hole to bury her puppy, triggering great emotion in everyone.

Bettie tried to protect the little one until the end, but the time had come to say goodbye to him forever.

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