They find what looks to be cement covered with a puppy, but it turns out to be fungus that has eaten it.

The decision to save the life of an animal transcends the humanitarian act of rescue. It implies assuming the responsibility of guaranteeing a promising future by being helped. However, the situation is complicated when the protagonist is a stray animal, especially since most of the shelters are overcrowded.

This was the commendable sacrifice made by the rescue organization Patitas Glew , Argentina, who came across a little boy who seemed to have cement on his face . Actually, it was not what everyone believed at first, because it ended up being a complicated disease .

So it was. The volunteers thought at first glance that the face of this furry little two-month-old, baptized with the name of Rada , was covered with paste, but the truth is that it was being eaten by fungi . A case that caused a stir among rescue groups in the Southern Cone.

“When we commit to rescuing a dog from the street, we have to be willing to help them get ahead in whatever their circumstance, especially knowing that most have had bad days on the street, where they contract diseases,” they said from Patitas glew.

It was not an easy case to deal with. According to the volunteers, when the little animal entered they were speechless. The fungi had made much of his skin disappear from him. In addition, he presented a high degree of malnutrition.

In fact, the case of Rada is considered by veterinarians as one of the most shocking and unprecedented in history , due to the poor health condition and the contempt to which he should have been subjected, and which put him in three and two, at the edge of collapse.

“The vets couldn’t believe it, we’ve never seen anything like it. At first, the discomfort did not subside and the puppy had to be distanced from the rest of the pets. In addition, due to the high contagiousness of the fungi, the volunteers had to wear gloves to handle it”, they added from the pro-animal organization.

However, with dedication and a lot of dedication on the part of his caregivers, Rada began to evolve satisfactorily and his life expectancy increased . The appearance of her skin improved considerably, the fungus subsided and her spirits took off.

However, currently, the prognosis about the consequences of his condition is reserved . In addition, the little animal was diagnosed with a malformation in its limbs, a product of the same malnutrition.

This warrior who has already been through so much, now fights once again to finally be happy in a true home.

Share this story. Being an animal rescuer is to guarantee them the entire process that comes after helping them, rehabilitating them, temporarily adopting them and providing them with the necessary resources for their subsistence, as well as their future forever home.


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