The mother was in despair as the tumor in her son’s abdomen continued to grow

Parents tried their best but failed to get her treatment.

They’ve been taking her to hospitals, but up to now they still don’t know what she’s suffering from.

Foreign, plus the fact that her husband abandoned on them when he was needed the most, makes a question: what will happen next?



A long journey and visit this ruler and remote Village.

This mother is ready to share with us a painful life story and more about the three-year-old’s health condition.

I got pregnant, like any mother, and followed all the procedures pregnant women follow, and after nine months it was time to give birth.

I went to the hospital but did not have a natural birth.

I rather had to deliver via Cesarean, as any woman who never had any dangerous trouble during pregnancy.



She was expecting a normal baby, but sometimes we are given no options.

The baby was born with this condition where her heart is not in heart’s normal position, and what followed was Finding ways to treat her.

I went to the hospital after three weeks, but doctors told me that the baby was too young for the sake of child’s health.



This felt like a heartbreak, because the whole process required a lot of money.

As poor as she is being a person who could struggle with transport to reach at the hospital, she then lost hope and wondered what will happen next year.

It was difficult.

The amount of money required was too much that discouraged me and I started missing out some appointments that made my baby’s condition worse that she even started failing to breathe.

I returned there and I was told to make sure and always go for checkups every three months.

The baby grew, but as she grew, her heart’s condition also grew, having started as small as a finger and grew as big as it is today.

It was more difficult for parents, and neighbors went on, began mocking, saying many negative words toward this young kid, but blaming parents for it.

That resulted into depression and the unexpected father’s abandonment, conceptual foreign.



I think that illness has affected the whole of her, as the young children here get food around me there, but for her you have to make sure she gets at least a breakfast before me day.

If not, you are sure that she’ll need some medical attention.

It’s a phenomenon that I have not fully understood.




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