The mother raised 10 children under 14 years old, exceeding expectations and receiving the gift of a big, happy family.

“A woman who once thought her dream of motherhood was lost forever now embraces the joy of being a proud mother to 10 children, all under the age of 14. Ms. Satu Nordling Gonzalez, a 38-year-old stay-at-home mother in Sweden, considers herself incredibly fortunate to preside over a large and love-filled family.

Raised in Sweden, Satu shares her life with her husband, Andres, a construction worker who migrated from Uruguay to Sweden during his childhood. The couple met and married in 2008, and together, they’ve been blessed with 10 children: Nicole (14), Vanessa (13), twins Danilo and Jonathan (12), Olivia (9), Kevin (8), Celina (7), Isabelle (4), Melanie (2), and Benjamin (1).”

Satu’s journey to motherhood was difficult and she once believed it was impossible.

“Unfortunately, when we wanted to have a child, we had a lot of difficulty getting pregnant,” Satu told The Epoch Times . I got pregnant but had a miscarriage… they had to do surgery. Then I had complications and it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant again.”

After that, Satu went to many appointments and treatments, but all seemed “hopeless”.

The friends and family around her were people who seemed to have an easy time getting pregnant, so Ms. Satu felt “trapped” in her own nightmare. She always believed in her purpose of becoming a mother.

She said: “The dream of becoming the mother of many children has the highest and deepest meaning in my life.”

After 2 and a half years of trying, Ms. Satu finally became pregnant again. Happiness came but also a lot of horror when she suffered from severe nausea and vomiting throughout her pregnancy, but she never complained about this.

“ At the end of the day, I know what I’m going to get,” she explains. Then she came, my first child made my dream come true and all the waiting was worth it.”

Ms. Satu spent the next 14 years of her life pregnant and caring for her children, saying she recovered quickly after each pregnancy. Welcoming new members into the world helps multiply the love in her family, and accordingly, the task of raising children also increases.

According to The Sun newspaper: This mother’s busy day starts around 6:30 a.m., first Ms. Satu changes the baby’s diaper, makes breakfast and helps her eldest child prepare for school. After that, she started doing a lot of other things such as: doing laundry, cleaning the house while taking care of the younger babies, followed by assisting the children in preparing after-school snacks, homework, etc. supervise playtime, cook dinner and finally go to bed.

“ I need to organize everything around me, and the kids also have chores according to their age,” she told The Epoch Times . One takes out the trash, another cleans the dishwasher after dinner, another vacuums, etc.”

Helping and respecting others is at the core of Ms. Satu’s parenting philosophy. This mother always believes in regular family gatherings to share thoughts and confide in family members’ feelings, which helps the family bond stronger.

“I follow my heart, trying to raise them to be loving, compassionate, kind people who care about each other and the people around them,” she said.

As a mother of 10 children, Ms. Satu said: “I feel so lucky to have these wonderful children in my life, seeing them grow and learn new skills, I am sitting in first class to watch their lives and everything they do…their unconditional love is so valuable.

Becoming a mother is the greatest, sometimes the most difficult, and also the most important thing that has ever happened to me.”

Ms. Satu shared stories about her family’s life on the Instagram page @mybabydolls, even though she knew that not everyone sympathized with her and her husband about such a large family.

“Once you get past the magic number of four to five kids, people start to raise their eyebrows,” she added. I believe that our children are truly sincere, cheerful and friendly people… I believe that our family relationship is extremely strong, from day one.”

However, the Gonzalez family is unlikely to stop there; Ms. Satu revealed that she is pregnant again and will welcome baby number 11 in November this year.


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