The miraculous story of redemption and survival of a pregnant dog on the brink of life

The pregnant dog walked through the empty streets, his belly swollen with life. She had been abandoned by her previous masters and abandoned to her fate.


But well, the time had come to give birth and I knew I needed help. As he walked, his purchases became more frequent and frequent.

I could feel her body preparing for the arrival of her puppies. Desperately, she looked for someone to help her. Finally, she ran into her neighbor’s house.



She went to the entrance door and began scratching it with her paw. She lashed out and moaned, waiting for someone to listen to her and see her help.



But despite their efforts, the people opened the door. She waited for hours, waiting for someone to come, but she did it. With all necessary measures, she managed to reach the nearby veterinary clinic.

The vet and his team quickly realized that the dog was in labor and took her to the room to prepare for delivery. As the sopographer began to examine the dog, she gasped in amazement.



The dog was carrying only υп or two puppies, but υп total of 12! The veterinarian and his team immediately went to work, preparing for the birth.

Hours passed as the dog worked, and finally, by and by, the puppies emerged into the world. The exhausted mother watched as she cleaned and weighed her babies, wagging her tail with joy and relief.



At the EPD, the abandoned dog was found in the home of the vet and his family. With each passing day, he became stronger, happier and more confident. She and her puppies received the most care and love, and they all grew up strong and healthy together.


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