The Inspiring Tale of a Dog’s Triumph over Pain, Fighting with Unyielding Spirit and Waiting for Help


I found Kai by chance during a field trip on the outskirts of the city. She was left sitting alone at the door of the sewer, unable to walk.

She laid there with her sadness eyes looking to us begging for help as if “Please don’t leave me alone” I did not hestitate to find a way up to rescue that poor girl.

She non stop crying in pain. When I touched her body I knew that she had a lot of bad luck. We are at the Vet for checking and treatment. She was convulsing, unable to stand even for a minute..

Her condition is terrible and need long time treatment with hope she can walk or run again. Day 1: Kai was suspected of having measles and showing signs of tics.

She has a fever up to 39.5 degrees and was having diarrhea.. Kai did MR test but fortunately didn’t having any brain problems However, because of the symptoms of tics continue and cause pain. So we must did a PCR test to find the cause and it would take 5 to 6 days to get the correct results.h-a-n-h

Day 5: Oh my God, PCR showed a large amount of contrast medium in the lungs. Heartless owner abandoned her because they already knew it! That mean she never back to a normal dog. But she was a strong dog and want to live strong..

So I was trying to find a way for her to live comfortably in full my care and love… We would also do our best together!

Day 12: Kai still took anticonvulsants and acupuncture everyday to reduce the frequency. But the sympstoms seem getting worse. However she ate and her intestines were fine and that’s a good signs.h-a-n-h

Therapy treatment for Kai everyday, she feel better! Kai needed a lot of time, patient, care and love for her long time treatment. She also needed to work hard for her rehabilitation with hope one day she can stand on her 4 legs.

Day 30: Kai ate a lot of foods, stronger than before.. She had no intention of giving up and alway tried to complete the exercises well! 2 out of 4 Kai’s legs had started to feel good and move… When she put the needle in the tips of her font paws, She was startled by reflex, i was so happy at that time.

After many tried we finnaly found a ray of light, that was a ray of happiness.h-a-n-h

Day 35: Kai and I immersed ourselves in a herbal bath, both for treatment and relaxtion. Day 45: The little girl Kai was so strong, she fought so hard to live… I thought that one day Kai would run toward me on her 4 legs but it was faster than i thought.

Kai has proven to everyone that she is a true fighter and will do anything to become better. Kai deserve live a happy life that a normal dog deserve happy! I’m proud of you my little princess Kai. I love you!h-a-n-h

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