The Indian Giant Squirrel Is Almost Too Beautiful To Be Real



John Koprowsk, a shrew specialist, first encountered a Malabar gigantic squirrel in 2006 while traveling in India. He was astounded by what he saw; they are also referred to as an Indian gigantic squirrel.



The creature, in his opinion, appeared to be too large to be a squirrel and more like to a monkey. But this enormous creature wasn’t a primate; it was simply a very, very huge squirrel. They have bodies that measure 36 inches from head to tail and are twice as big as an eastern grey squirrel.



The Malabar giant squirrel is not only astonishingly enormous, but it also has gorgeously colorful fur. Along with maroon and purple, it may also be black, brown, and orange. In particular, the maroon and purple hues are rare for mammals. In addition to being attractive to look at, the vivid colors and lovely patterns help them thrive in the wild.

Wikipedia states that they eat fruit, flowers, nuts, and tree bark. Some subspecies consume insects and bird eggs in addition to meat and fish.



The best method to observe these enormous squirrels is to climb a tree, keep extremely quiet, and watch for them to leave their nest since they are so timid.



Fortunately, these magnificent creatures aren’t in danger of going extinct just yet, but they will need to be safeguarded. This species can prosper in the future if more protection and awareness are provided for them.

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