The four puppies are in a truly alarming condition. They had so much scabies that they were almost bald and their skin was severely damaged.

It is always truly outrageous to know that there are people who do not take care of their pets and leave them to their fate without giving them the minimum of medical attention and affection that they so much need. However, this becomes even more painful when it comes to a litter of newborn puppies that need the maximum help from their mother or from humans to survive .

The puppies were rescued at just six weeks old.

Recently, someone left four cocker spaniel puppies in a man’s garden so they wouldn’t have to take responsibility for them. The puppies were in a truly alarming state . They had so much scabies that they were practically bald and their skin was badly damaged.

The pups were named El, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas after the popular series Stranger Things .

When the owner of the house realized that someone had left them there, he knew very well what he had to do. He called the RSPCA and authorities are doing the necessary investigations to find the culprit .

“They have lost almost all of their fur, they have bites, irritated skin and some of them have ulcers on their eyes .”

Rebecca Timberlake , an RSPCA inspector can’t believe the alarming state of the puppies. Despite all her years of experience, she had never seen puppies at such a young age reach such an advanced level of mange. For her it is vital to be able to interview all the residents of the place in search of any clue about what happened .

“It is very sad but no one in the place wants to say anything. I hope no one in this neighborhood thinks that treating animals like garbage is normal.”

Scabies is a skin disease caused by parasitic mites that also cause hair loss . After several tests it was found that they have demodectic mange . This is a curable condition, but it will take much longer to recover because it also affects the immune system . Despite their poor health, these mischievous little guys were rescued just in time and are being cared for at the Milbrook Animal Center in Surrey.

“They will have to receive medication and multiple baths for the next several months .”

Fortunately, these beautiful puppies begin to regain their strength quickly. They are already eating more regularly so everyone is hoping that they will be fully healed. They are true fighters.

Share this note to demand that those responsible for the sad state of these puppies be found and that they receive the weight of justice.

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