The exposure of two appalling instances of animal cruelty in Poland underscores the pressing need for heightened awareness

Poland has recently come under the spotlight for the mistreatment of animals, with two cases of animal cruelty making headlines. These incidents have raised serious concerns about the lack of protection for animals in the country.

The first case involves a German shepherd who was left to starve by his owners. For years, the dog was kept in a dilapidated shed, and when he reached old age, his owners decided to starve him. The dog was extremely dehydrated, cachectic, and had muscular atrophy. He was urgently picked up from the abusive environment and transported to the VETKA Veterinary Clinic, where he underwent a number of diagnostic tests. The tests revealed that the dog was not sick, but was simply starved.

The pseudo-owners for animal abuse may face up to 3 years in prison. The dog will stay in the veterinary hospital for the next few days, and he needs Royal Canin Intestinal Gastro food. The food can be ordered via zooplus and ordered directly to the Lower Silesian Inspectorate for Animal Protection.

The second case is even more shocking. In Stargard Gubiński, Maud S. and her son ran a kennel of 300 non-pedigree mongrels. The living conditions of the animals were overwhelming, with the smell of ammonia, high aggression, limited access to light, and disease. Female dogs gave birth with a whole herd of aggressive males around them, and the puppies were sold in Germany for hundreds of euros.

The businesswoman claimed that she runs a 5-star dog hotel and that the pets were not hers. However, she did not have any documents to confirm this claim. During the inspection, she did not have any medical records of even one dog. A few months earlier, she tried to register a dog kennel and a shelter in two towns, but she failed due to legal restrictions. This is not the first time that she has carried out such activities. She was expelled from her home country for similar activities, as reported by the media.h-a-n-h

After the intervention, 30 dogs in the worst condition, mothers with puppies, and several bitches in visible pregnancy were rescued. The animals were taken to the Aksman Veterinary Clinic, where the poor condition of the dogs was confirmed. The rescued animals had helminthiasis, upper respiratory tract infections, conjunctivitis, malnutrition, claw overgrowth, stomatitis, and dermatitis. They also had numerous bite marks on their skin.h-a-n-h

The intervention was conducted by several agencies, including the Office, Sorz, Veterinary Inspection, Police, Commune Office, and Border Guard. The intervention was carried out with excellent cooperation and organization among the agencies involved.h-a-n-h

These two cases of animal cruelty are a stark reminder of the lack of protection for animals in Poland. The government needs to take immediate action to strengthen laws and regulations to ensure that animals are protected from cruelty and abuse. It is crucial to increase awareness among the public about the importance of animal welfare and the need to report any cases of abuse or neglect. We must stand up for the voiceless and ensure that they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.h-a-n-h

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