The disabled dog resiliently overcome all difficulties despite adversity to survive

In mid-February, tire repairers Ozimar Qᴜeiroz and Lipdomar Qᴜeiroz were surprised when they arrived early to work at the tire repair shop located on Estrada do Belmont, northern area of ​​Porto Velho. This was done by a dog abandoned on the side of the road. The docile creature was thin, had its legs spread and could walk.

When Ozimar, also known as Galego, learned of the dog’s situation, he made the copscio’s decision to take care of the dog until he could find a family to adopt him. However, it’s been 20 days and the dog still doesn’t have a permanent home.

“They threw him out in front of the store. We arrived in the morning and he was there. We feel sorry for him, we put him here and we are feeding him, but the worst thing is in this situation there. He doesn’t walk because his two front legs are drawn back,” he said.

Because of its position on the board, the dog was affectionately named, since it cannot move because both paws are open. The tire mechanic moves it a few times during the day, but the dog eventually crawls to the ground. ᴜd to interact with the only animal company available, a stray cat walking through the tire store.

According to Lipdomar Qeiroz, the dog is docile and needs veterinary care, but he cannot afford it.

“Because of its appearance, we call it sea.” He was very fat when we caught him, but he is already getting fat because we are feeding him. He is dirty from the bombing, but we don’t care here,” Lipdomar declares.

The dog’s dejection had an impact on social networks and Foca was already taken in by a couple from Porto Velho.

Tire repair employees who found the pit bull on the street cared for him for nearly three weeks, providing him with food and water. They initially called him “Seal,” but Michele took him in and changed his name permanently.

” It was love at first sight . His copy moved me a lot. Already here, it is even more so because she is very docile and affectionate. I feel in love with him,” said her little mother. “I love it. I am speechless. I love him so much. The feeling of a mother.”

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