The adorable boy makes many people fascinated by his cuteness.

Sarah Dines certainly had quite the surprise with Montague’s birth! It sounds like Monty made his grand entrance into the world in a big way, quite literally. It must have been quite a sight to see him being born larger than life, with even the doctors finding humor in his size. Despite the unexpected size, it’s great to hear that both Sarah and Monty are healthy.

Monty weighed an incredible 11lbs 8oz at birth. (Caters)

It’s interesting that despite being tested for gestational diabetes, there wasn’t a positive result, and both Sarah and her husband aren’t particularly big themselves, yet they ended up with a little bundle of joy who’s breaking records in size.

Sarah Dines with Monty as a newborn. (Madeleine Jones Photography/Caters)

It must have been quite the adjustment having to get clothes and diapers suitable for a much larger baby than anticipated, but it seems like Sarah is handling it all with grace. Monty’s growth rate is definitely something to marvel at, already wearing clothes meant for toddlers at just 11 months old!

Monty, 11 months, is now in clothes for a two or three-year-old. (Caters)

It’s fascinating to compare Monty’s size to the average newborn statistics from the World Health Organization. Monty’s definitely on the larger end of the spectrum, but it seems like he’s growing just fine, albeit faster than expected!

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