Struggling for Survival: A Limbless Baby’s Family Desperate for Assistance and Support

In the war-ravaged region of Idlib, Syria, the Mısaytıf family finds themselves in dire straits, struggling to endure their daily existence within the confines of a makeshift tent provided by relatives. Fleeing from the relentless attacks of the Assad regime, they sought refuge in the civilian shelters, hoping for safety and respite. Among them is little Muhammed, a 14-month-old child born without the gift of limbs—no legs and arms to call his own. The family’s desperate plea echoes across the world as they await the much-needed assistance and support to provide a glimmer of hope for their vulnerable child’s future.


Baby Muhammed, who cannot play with his peers because he is born with no legs and arms, spends most of the day with his cat.


Halit Mısaytıf, the father of little Muhammed, said in a statement that his son was born without arms and legs.


Mısaytıf said, “Muhammad needs constant attention and care. It has to be always on the lap. I live here in the camp. We cannot protect it from the heat and cold in the summer.” used the phrase.


“I have trouble finding my child’s milk”

Mısaytıf, who had difficulty walking after being injured in the foot after the attacks of the Assad regime, said, “I can’t find a job. I’m having trouble finding my child’s milk. Medicines are more expensive than they used to be. I hope Mohammed continues to live like all other children.” he said.


Emphasizing that Muhammad could not meet his daily needs without support because he did not have hands or feet, Mısaytıf said, “We hardly get his milk, medicines and diapers. I hope he goes abroad in the future. The prosthesis is attached. All I want is for him to live like other kids. I hope I can give Mohammed a happy life.” he said.

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