Sleep well: Mom was stunned when you woke up in the hammock

Put the baby to sleep in a hammock, the mother can’t believe it after the baby wakes up

Mothers often find it challenging for their children to have a full night’s sleep. Even a slight noise can wake up some babies who are “sleepy”.



Recently, a mother shared her experience of finding her child sleeping soundly in a hammock, but upon waking up, the baby’s face was filled with tangled marks from the hammock and the pacifier.h-a-n-h

Commenters shared that this is a frequent occurrence for families with hammocks as babies often move and don’t lie still.

This movement can result in marks on the baby’s face that take a long time to fade. Some warned of potential ??????s, such as the baby falling or having difficulty breathing while lying face down in the hammock.

It’s essential for parents to observe their sleeping child and ensure their safety. This is particularly important when allowing the child to lie in a hammock.h-a-n-h

Parents must watch for signs of ??????, such as the baby falling ???????? or having difficulty breathing due to their position in the hammock. Additionally, lying in the hammock for a prolonged period can affect the baby’s sleeping position, leading to marks on their face.

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