shedding tears at the thought of a puppy that is always by its mother’s body and is unaware that its mother has died

Recently, some photos have gone viral on the Internet. A lone cub sits alone on the moor, staring at a badly worn, skeletonized carcass on the ground.

It turned out that the skeleton was a mother cub while she was alive. Netizens were moved and pointed out that “the mother is going to change and the child is not willing to leave.”

The cub looked at the camera greedily, and it turned out that the body was the cub’s mother before her death.

The Facebook fan page of a foreign animal protection organization shared a series of photos on the 25th, showing a yellow-brown puppy sitting near an animal skeleton. The corpse had been dead for several days and almost 92% of its body was turned into white bones. Only about 8% of the region was left with a hint of black hair. The cub stared into the camera and finally lay down at the skeleton’s feet. It turned out that the body was the cub’s mother before he died.h-a-n-h

A lone cub sat alone on the moor, staring at a hideously worn and skeletonized carcass on the ground.

This snapshot originated on May 22, 2017 and was shared on the Thai Facebook fan page of China’s “Xinhua News Agency”.

Many netizens responded to this: Come back with the puppy to take care of it”, “Look how much she misses her mother”, “She conveys her feelings towards her mother”, “Oh, her mother must also wish to get back on her feet. ”.h-a-n-h

“I hope someone brings the pup to take care of him” and “look how much he misses his mother”.

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