Sending you my best wishes, you are always beautiful in everyone’s eyes

At 19 weeks, I found oᴜt about my second daughter Ivy’s lip differences.

There were significant findings on the ultrasound when the midwife said to her. Immediately her heart dropped into her stomach and the tears started falling.  Something was terribly, horribly wrong, I just felt it.  When she finally sat down with her midwife, she went over the scan. The terrible news from midwwife said :” First was the possibility of a cleft lip. Next, one femur was curved and shorter than the other, the problem with ????’s heart and the terrible when she lost both forearms and hands.”

This felt like a punch to the gut. It stole my breath. It keeled me over and the sobs tore out of me, and visions of my perfect little ???? shattered. No hands? I had never heard of this. It wasn’t on my radar. It had never crossed my mind, never been a fleeting fear or worry. I had just assumed that she had all limbs, that all pieces were there.”

She was devastated, feel guilt for the fears she had, for the hopelessness she felt . But she was getting ahead of herself and her grieved.  Her dad said”She’s going to be a blessing to our family. I think our family needs someone like her. She is going to teach us so much.”

She spent the entire night researching prosthetics for babies and ?????ren, looking up videos of other ????? amputees, and she felt a shred of hope. She felt like the doctors were telling her that it was over. That ???? life wasn’t viable, that we had lost all hope of bringing home a ????. I was shocked when the doctor suggested we terminate. She had never chosed an ᴀbᴏrtiᴏɴ. She wanted to keep her ???? and didn’t want to add any further risᴋs to her pregnancy.

She felt like the Universe chose me, out of millions of mothers, to be Ivy’s mom. I even think she picked me herself. She saw me and said, “Yes. I want her. I want HER to be my mommy. ” The Universe knew I would love her. That I would Fiɢʜt for her, advocate for her, and be everything she needed from a mother. I felt like my entire life had led up to this, had prepared me for this: to be Ivy’s mom.” She said

Ivy surprised us all by coming four weeks early. She just couldn’t wait to join the world. Or maybe she knew that I needed her here, needed to be reassured that she was going to be okay, safe in my arms at last. The moment I ?????ed her and held her in my arms, I felt so much peace. Αnd when she opened her eyes and looked at me for the very first time, I knew she was exactly where she was meant to be.


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