Responding to the faint cry from under the rubble, they defied all odds to save the dog from the brink of death


The hatred and cruelty directed against the most helpless species on the planet appears to have no limit. Even a worldwide epidemic that continues to endanger our lives cannot make us think; and situations such as the Malaga Plant and Animal Protection Association (SPAPMA) have encountered, let us be with the housekeeper on a subject.

It’s a 9-month-old mastiff discovered in the most terrible circumstances.



Ulises, the animal shelter’s “puppy,” was fortunate enough to have a neighbor in Puerto de la Torre, Malaga’s capital, hear its faint and pitiful scream.

She exclaimed as the woman neared. The poor puppy lies in a container hidden among the wreckage, pleading to God for someone to see him as he takes his final breath. SPAPMA has been notified of the puppy’s critical condition.



They had serious doubts about Ulysses’ survival. They couldn’t fathom how such hatred and human decay could exist in our planet.

To begin, worms, fleas, ticks, and lice were removed, and he was clothed so that his temperature could be restored. They were relieved that they had been able to stabilize it, but there was still a long way to go.



“He was “disgusted” one day after the finding.” They now see him differently because he has had a transfusion and spent the night with serum and vitamins, as well as a few cans of special food to revive him, and he has recovered from hypothermia, especially because “he is a puppy and he really wants to live,” according to the protector’s president.

The rescuers were overjoyed that he was able to get up and eat something solid.

They shared the advances of Ulysses’s modest progress. It hurt their hearts to see his small eyes, where you could plainly tell how much he had endured, but the essential thing was that he was loved and cared for.

“It was his first stroll along the street.” He eats well and enjoys walking about, but he occasionally staggers and sits down. He doesn’t have much muscle mass to sustain him ».



SPAPMA began to get funds and donations as his tale went viral owing to the severity of his abuse towards Ulises. And the prayers and support of hundreds of individuals who have closely watched her progress.

Finally, on June 10, they announced the most exciting news «Ulysses has just been released from the hospital and is on his way to his foster home. Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed to Ulises’s ability to live.



We are grateful that Ulysses was able to entirely transform his fate owing to these angels, who sacrificed everything to surround him with love and cure major bodily wounds, but most importantly, his wounded heart.


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