Peace be with you. This dog, Frodo, is the only one left from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring.

In 2007, authorities rescued 51 Pit Bulls from the Virginia residence of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. These animals endured atrocious cruelty. They were beaten, electrocuted, hanged, submerged and forced to fight.

Three of the dogs died, but 48 remaining Pitties survived. Various rescue organizations and their families have always treated these terrified and previously abused dogs with compassion and patience.

Frodo, one of the superʋiʋients, lived until he was 15 years old. He passed away on December 18, 2021. After spending a year in hell at the Vick compound, he was treated like a prince for the next fourteen years.

BAD RAP, an Oakland-based nonprofit animal protection organization, announced the dog’s death on Facebook. In defending and rehabilitating dogs, this organization was unique.

The following is BAD RAP’s entry on Frodo’s death:

“Frodo: everyone adores him. He was one of the most encouraging supers you have ever met.”

Frodo enjoyed a happy life with his beloved family and died in love. This is how BAD RAP described the dog’s final moments:

Frodo consumed that huge bag of Ƅistec while his mother, Kiм Ramírez, and his daughter, Dominique, cried. Thank you, Dr. Williams, for taking care of his medical needs until the end. You earned his trust by exceeding his expectations.”

Frodo’s recovery

Frodo was the face of the campaign to dispel the negative stereotype of pittulls throughout his life. He also demonstrated the importance of friendliness and patience in the life of a dog.

BAD RAP, who has extensive experience working with dogs captured during fights, believed in these puppies from the beginning. Previously, BAD RAP stated that dogs with problematic pasts deserve a second chance:

“Frodo demonstrated that younger dogs rescued from acts of cruelty need early socialization to mature into strong, courageous individuals.” When he was detained by the police, he was probably between 3 and 6 months old, and he was kept isolated for six torturous months before being rescued.”

Frodo was unusually timid and frightened when he was rescued from his terrible surroundings. Frodo’s adoptee, Kiм Ramírez, explained in a 2009 interview with The Mercury News:

“He doesn’t like the sound of anything mechanical. Our house had ceiling fans and he would notice them and look at them terrified. If he opened a closet door, he would run away. Microwave popcorn is an alternative option. I’m not sure, but I think I notice that popcorn looks like a gunshot. I don’t think he witnessed any of the fights. But I am sure he heard them.”

Frodo was lucky to have the Ramírez family, who showered him with affection and compassion. When the adorable dog’s legs gave out, his family used a stroller to transport him.

A real superʋiʋent has died.

The 48 “Vick” dog heroes who survived

In 2019, thirteen dogs that had been rescued from Vick’s ring were still missing. In October 2021, Jonny Justice died two days before Frodo, accompanied by his family, and UƄa crossed the rainbow bridge.

These dogs were given the opportunities they deserved and, regardless of their origins, they all had a happy life.

When animal rights activists come together, incredible things happen. These 48 “Vick” canines are eʋident ʋiʋiente.

Vick was sentenced to 19 months in federal prison for financing dog fighting and admitting to killing dogs. Despite this injustice, the high-profile case altered the public’s perception of pitulls and how abused dogs can be rehabilitated.

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