Paco the ferret and Nova the German shepherd are unlikely best friends.

d.Nova the German Shepherd and Pacco the Ferret are the most unlikely of best friends.

Animal friendships that defy expectations are evidence that love knows no bounds. And they are aware of it. Since day one, Nova the German Shepherd and Pacco the ferret have been infatuated with each other. Their proprietor, Diana Grib, stated that they coexist as if unaware of their differences.

Diana stated that she initially obtained Nova – Karamba Laukin Vilauog. The woman introduced her to a variety of animals, including rats, cats, and parrots, as soon as she received her. Diana devoted a considerable amount of time teaching her puppy to get along with others. When Nova became an adult, Diana set out to acquire her other desired companion. Priority number one when she contacted numerous ferret breeders was to find one that knows how to interact with canines. Her quest ultimately led her to Krakow, where she found Pacco.

Nova and Pacco also share certain similarities. Both are inquisitive, lively, and courageous. Their similar personalities and the fact that they both grew up around other creatures are likely the primary reasons why they get along so well. Pacco was giving a tour of the new home when they first met, while Nova followed her new friend like a specter. After a few days, Pacco began to pay her attention, and the merriment began.

Now, the pair play, travel, and even sleep together incessantly. Diana told Bored Panda: “Sometimes, I feel like I have two dogs.” The ferret, however, rules the household. “It is comprehensible given that ferrets are cheeky and obstinate. Nova is ecstatic to have somebody by her side.

Diana stated that one must read extensively in order to own a ferret. “From creating a safe environment in the home to developing a raw menu, health concerns, and dealing with poop, you must know a great deal about these topics,” she explained. Before acquiring Pacco, I spent at least six months collecting information. Nonetheless, I learn more about him every day.”


Diana additionally cautioned that ferrets are not for everyone. “Initially, they bite. Some do it more frequently than others, but they will always let you know if they dislike something. They can also detect dread, and if you are afraid of them, they will use that to their advantage. Therefore, if you have young children roaming around or cannot tolerate their neediness, you probably shouldn’t get one.

Additionally, contemplate their health. “You must pay very close attention to the environment you create for them and the sustenance you provide. If you make a mistake, it can rapidly snowball into astronomical veterinary bills.”

Nova, however, is an extremely sociable dog. She is always willing to express her affection for everyone, whether it’s a friend or a stranger. “It also helps that she is exceptionally patient. She is not angry with Pacco if he accidentally injures her while playing.”

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