Orangutan Thoroughly Washed Her Hands After Seeing Her Human Caretakers Wash Their Hands



Most people are aware of the significance of thorough hand washing. We’ve been reminded how important it is to wash well and scrub gently in addition to practicing basic hygiene. This was seen by an orangutan in Florida, who then imitated her carers’ behavior. Sandra the orangutan is shown washing her hands more meticulously than normal in a video taken in November 2019. She is setting a wonderful example for everyone else to follow by doing this.

We are constantly being reminded how important it is for our health to maintain the extra-careful hand-washing procedures, and to do so for at least 20 seconds every wash, through billboards, posters, TV advertisements, online pop-up advertising, store announcements, and other means. We are urged to make the most of the antibacterial, anti-grease, and hand-sanitizing items we have. It’s an easy approach for us to protect both ourselves and others.



Sandra the orangutan has seen how carefully people observe their hand-washing rituals at the Center For Great Apes in Florida. Sandra has not only observed but also picked up knowledge. Sandra was recently seen washing her hands the way people do, and it appears she picked up on the habit quickly. She also looks to be a fantastic role model!

Sandra and her blue bucket of soapy water are attracting a lot of attention while lounging in their cozy environment. The widely seen hand-washing video of Sandra has been viewed several times. For almost 20 seconds, Sandra the orangutan washes her hands thoroughly. Fans of Sandra would be happy, and the CDC would be too!

Sandra meticulously scrubs each hand with her own scrub brush. each hand’s sides individually. Every finger! She cleanses all sides of each hand as she turns each one over and examines her fingernails. She performs all of this quietly, casually, and as though it were the most natural thing in the world.



Sandra was born more than 30 years ago at the German zoo in Rostock, according to her biography. She spent a large portion of her life in Argentina in the Buenos Aires Zoo. Sandra is currently a resident at the Center for Great Apes, an orangutan and chimpanzee sanctuary. Many of these gorillas have had terrible lives and have been rescued or retired. The refuge provides the great apes with long-term, secure, and healthy homes.

Sandra seems to have experienced some loneliness in her past life since she spent a significant portion of her time alone at the Buenos Aires Zoo. But at the Center for Great Apes, the sanctuary assures that the apes that reside there will lead fulfilling lives. Sandra appears to be developing and learning new things from her environment and her carers. Sandra seems to be knowledgeable and inquisitive, as seen by the way she pays attention to hand washing procedures.



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