Oldest Lion In Kenya Stuns In Beautiful Photos



The Lion King of real life

At 14 years old, Morani is now the Maasai Mara National Reserve’s oldest known lion still living.

After the death of his brother Scarface earlier in the year, Morani assumed the title.



The magnificent large cat was photographed by Hawaii-based professional wildlife photographer Leighton Lum while he was attending a class.

Other magnificent species, like cheetahs, zebras, and other lions, may be found in the reserve.

But the lion named Morani, who was 14 years old, thrilled him the most.

After the death of his brother Scarface (seen below), Morani assumed the distinction of the oldest lion in the park.



Lum was in awe of the eerie expression on Morani’s face.

You can tell this man has experienced a lot simply by glancing at his face. Morani was a member of a coalition of four men, and he is the only one left alive. He transitioned from being a youthful king and stud leader of a pride to an elderly man fighting for survival in the Mara.



The strongest guys will govern the pride, therefore he is a lone male who has been forced out of the pride by younger, stronger males. This is a natural process with lions.



The average adult male lion may sleep for 20 hours every day since they are naturally lethargic. He was only a few feet away from where we left him when we returned to look for him at the end of the day after first spotting him in the morning.

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