Let’s encourage this two-legged boy to pursue his college dream

We visited the seven-year-old Christian and met his mother, who was lamenting. She told us more about her son’s life and his disabilities since birth. One of the problems she worried about was his education. Her son was almost dropping out of school due to the financial strain. We hadn’t been able to pay a single dime for his school fees, not because we didn’t want to, but because we didn’t have enough money to do so.

Before the pandemic, we had planned to visit his school and talk to the school administration because they kept pressuring us to pay, even though we had nothing to pay with. When school reopens, our son would be forced to drop out because we couldn’t afford his school fees.

We shared this story, and many of you contributed to making this young boy’s dream possible. Here’s the update:

“The very least you can do in life is to figure out what you hope for, and the most you can do is to live inside that hope, not admire it from a distance, but live right in it, under its roof. Just as despair can come to one only from other human beings, hope too can be given to one only by other human beings.”

Since the day you visited us, everything has changed. I asked myself if you are people or angels in the form of people, because ever since that day, life has never been the same. After your visit, I received support from many people with kind hearts. I started receiving phone calls from different people who were worried about my son, Christian. They sent money, and now we have food, porridge, milk, fruits, and vegetables. All of this is because of you. If you hadn’t shown up and covered my life story, life would not be the same. I thank you so much; you are truly a blessing.

I was amazed by the love of the people who watch your channel. They are kind and generous, supporting me without even knowing me, just hearing that I’m facing some life challenges and offering help. I’m so grateful.

One person, a doctor, after I uploaded my story, came all the way from Kigali city to this remote village, passing through valleys and mountains, just to see my son and see how he could help. After all that happened, we have a message for you:

“This is for you from Afrimax English. You can find everything in this bag; it’s all for you. These are people who watch our different stories, and they chose to help you. They vowed to change your life and your boy’s life completely. They kept donating until we had this amount of money to hand over to you.”

Now, I’m out of words; I don’t know what to say. I can’t believe my eyes. I can’t thank these people enough, but may God bless them a thousand times. This is unbelievable. I wish I could see them so I could hug them all. You know, I had a problem regarding Christian’s education, but among those people with kind hearts, one of them came forward and said he would pay for my son’s school fees forever. Don’t you think you are messengers of God? That person said he would handle everything related to my boy’s education, including school fees, school requirements, and even visiting days. That’s what he said.

With this amount of money, I don’t know if I mentioned last time that we had no house and had to pay rent here. What we are going to do is buy a new house. We have always had the burden of finding a house while struggling to pay rent because we have no jobs. But now our prayer request is answered. There is a house for sale, and the owner is requesting 5 million Rwandan Francs. I’m thankful that I now have 3 million Rwandan Francs in cash. I hope God will provide the remaining 2 million. I will contact the person and try to book that house. If they agree to take this 3 million and wait for the remaining 2 million, I’ll do my best to convince the owner.

I believe that just as you came and helped us out of nowhere, God will provide again because He gives us more than we ask for. I never knew you would come back with such a large amount of money. I have never owned such a large sum of money, and this proves that God never fails us. He provides at the right moment. I hope He will do the rest. Once again, thank you from the depths of my heart to you and the entire Afrimax team for taking the time to visit these remote areas where we don’t even have phones or a way to communicate. You come here, visit, and cover these life-changing stories. When I first saw you, I thought you just wanted content for your channel, but I never thought it would end up this way. I thank these people with kind hearts who obey God’s command, which is love. I don’t know these people, I can’t see them, but I thank each and every one who had me and my son in mind, who donated and made this possible. I send blessings upon their lives. Tell them that I am truly happy, and may God continue to bless them. In fact, I wish them a life beyond this life. If I saw them right now, I would hug them and lift them up out of happiness in my heart.

My boy Christian will continue his studies at the same school. I won’t change his school because he’s used to it, familiar with everyone there, and adapting to another school may take time, which I don’t want.

What can you tell other parents with disabled children who are facing difficulties in raising their children and have lost hope? What message can you give them?

I can tell them to pray to God and give Him their prayer requests, then wait patiently for God to answer them. I had my own problems and prayed, saying to God, “You created my son; please, God, you know what is right for him.” That’s how I prayed, and God worked through people. I urge them to turn to God and pray. After a while, God will satisfy their needs.

I was worried about the house, but honestly, I never thought it would be possible. I thought I was deceiving myself, but God saw that I needed a house and used your people to help. Last time, I had a heart full of lamentations, and I couldn’t even smile, but now I’m very happy because of today’s message. Words can’t even express my happiness. If God continues to bless me, I’ll get some capital and establish a small business. I plan to own a shop that will sell different products to change my life completely because, although my son has improved, and we’re about to buy our own house, we will still need food, clothing, and other things to survive.

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. And keep your habits positive.

Thank you for watching. I’m Elijah, and this is Afrimax English. Remember to subscribe.



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