Icy Valor: A lone dog’s valiant struggle against a gunshot wound in the bitter cold

There are cases in which words are not of much use, as certain gestures and actions literally speak for themselves. This is the case of the story of this poor little dog, miraculously alive, found alone in the snow .

dog in the snow

We don’t know exactly where the incident occurred. We only know the name of his brave rescuer, named Namikon . One day, the latter received a report with a photo of a dying dog found in the snow in an isolated area.

abandoned dog in the snow

Without any hesitation, the volunteer rushed to the scene and found something decidedly unexpected. The poor furry one had some nasty wounds , which Namikon suspected could be caused by a gunshot , and was freezing.

Since he couldn’t move on his own, the volunteer together with some of his colleagues picked him up and immediately took him to the clinic .

plate on teo

Following an x-ray, his suspicions became real: the puppy had two bullet holes that hit his spine directly . This explained his inability to walk and use his hind legs.

Despite the tragic clinical picture, however, the volunteers did not give up. They decided to take care of the furry one, who they wanted to call Teo and who didn’t wait too long to demonstrate all his determination to him.

Teo begins his recovery

In fact, within a few days he started eating again and regained his spirits. Furthermore, from her eyes one could clearly see all his gratitude towards her.

teo with the wheelchair

Due to the severity of his injuries, unfortunately Teo will no longer be able to walk as before. Thanks to a special wheelchair made especially for him, however, he will be able to play and run like any other dog!

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