Hero Yorkie Pup Fends Off Attacking Coyote To Save Her Little 10-Year-Old Owner

Lily Kwan, 10, and Macy, 10, are seen roaming about their Toronto neighborhood when a coyote starts after them. The incident was captured on camera.

Lily begins to scream for help before letting go of Macy’s leash in an effort to get a neighbor to help.

At this point, Macy began attacking the coyote to save her young human. Lily said to reporters from News 6 that she “ran to the pavement and began shouting for help.” Nobody seemed to hear what I said. Recently, I saw a coyote attempting to attack my dog. I began to knock on doors and ring doorbells, but only one neighbor actually opened the door for me.

The owner claimed, “I honestly believed this little dog could protect this enormous person being, trying to fight off this enormous coyote.” She is an incredibly brave dog, and I appreciate her so much.

Lily was able to be saved by Macy from the coyote, but it cost him something. She sustained torso and leg injuries that required surgery.


Lily’s mother Dorothy Kwan started a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising $10,000 for the procedure. They quickly outpaced this and are currently $2000 short of the new goal at $38,500.

According to Dorothy, who spoke to News 6, “My dog will do anything for our family, so I’m honestly not amazed that she did that.” She is our young heroine.

She continues, “I never would have thought a coyote would come out during the day, especially with someone yelling and shouting.” “Despite all the shouting, it just kept going at her and our dog; it was really vicious.”

Although we are all aware of how devoted dogs are, this is a great reminder to never take them for granted. Macy, congratulations!


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