Heartwarming Tale: Single Foster Mom Defies Odds, Adopts All 4 Siblings to Keep Family Together

Melissa Servetz always knew she wanted to be a mom. The former Florida teacher worked in social services for several years and saw the need for children to find a good home up close.

She explained she started off volunteering at one of the children’s homes and then eventually inquired about adoption and later became a foster parent.

In 2015, Melissa became a foster mom and has since fostered about 56 children. Their ages ranged from babies to young children ages 5 and under. But the last four children she fostered were special and would later become her own adopted children.

“I was single and I was just [like], ‘Why not? Let’s do it,’” Melissa shared. “‘Let’s try to help kids who really don’t have a safe place to call home.’”

Melissa is mom to Jade, who is 8, Destiny, who is 6, Matthew, who is 4, and Emerson, who is 2.

Melissa adopted sisters Jade (2-and-a-half at the ᴛι̇ɱe) and Destiny (16 months old) first. Then, she got Matthew and Emerson when they were days old from the hospital.

Melissa admits that she didn’t set out to be a mom of four, but she was determined to keep the siblings together. And the bond the siblings have is “unbreakable.”

“Actually, I did not see myself as a single mom of four, maybe two, you know,” Melissa told Good Morning America. “But there was no way I could let the boys go to someone else and be away from their siblings. There’s no way.”

She admits that both fostering and the adoption process is a grueling journey, but, if anyone is up for it, they should do it! As someone who has both fostered and adopted, Melissa said both experiences come with ups and down, noting that her children go to therapy for trauma they have experienced as at a young age.

“Adoption and foster care does pull on your heartstrings,” Melissa said. “But at the same ᴛι̇ɱe, you know you’re doing something and you’re helping that child in the moment that they need you the most.”
She encourages other single families to consider adoption as well. She said online communities have been a great support system for her in addition to her parents and friends.

More than anything, Melissa is grateful for her motherhood journey. Turns out it was a win-win for all!

“This has been [to] my benefit too because I became a mom; a forever mom, said Melissa. “I have in my opinion the best children in the world. I wouldn’t trade anything for that. I want them to remember that I picked them. I didn’t have to raise them but I chose to be their mom.”

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