Heartwarming Friendship: The Beauty of a Boy with Giant Legs Always by His Friend’s Side

I’m happy in a world where I hope seemed lost.

A love was overshadowed by abandonment.

This eight-year-old took matters into his own hands.

He dropped out of school and decided to take care of his dying mom.

He cooks, washes and does everything to this mother, who has been struggling with this leg tumor for six years now.

Everyone abandoned This Mother, starting from the husband.

Friends Feminism, except this young ɱaп.

But how did his decision to drop out of school impact his mother’s life and what sacrifices did he ɱaп to take care for her?

Meet orbit, an eight-year-old boy whose love for his mother knows no bounds.

When his mother needed him the most, he made a decision that would change both of their lives forever foreign.

I lived a normal life, like anyone else, during my first 10 years of my life, with legs functioning properly.

While I was running up and down enjoying my childhood, I kept growing and met a ɱaп whom even had a child together.

But I was so unfortunate that the husband let the Abundant both me and my son during my first years of my life, legs functioning properly.

After the husband’s departure, they started struggling with life, given that this mother had no job and never had the chance to go to school for more skills that would help her survive.

As if poverty wasn’t enough, she even suffered from this leg tumor, which complicated her health situation in my 20s.

That’s when I started having this illness, with my legs swelling, but not as of today, because it started with what looked like as if it was something small which would soon be treated.

But the fact that I had no one else to look after me also contributed to making it worse.

I lived with my stepmom and father, who never cared as much as parents do.

Zella kept aching and swelling, but she never had enough money to go to the hospital for treatment.

Even by when she still lived with her parents, they never took her to hospitals and thus her leg condition getting far from better.

I would still move and be able to do every activity, but recently, after turning 35, that’s when I realized that what looks normal or simple was about to take my life away as the lead.

So and so, getting this big.

Then everything stopped from working easily to not doing any other thing.

I would have died, even because there was no one else to look after me, but thank God my eight-year-old is becoming a ɱaп.

He’s the one who takes care of me and even fits me, regardless of his age, and I don’t know why he gets food.

Whether he takes people’s stuffs away, I don’t know.

Unlike ɱaпy children here of his age who wake up and go to school, this young ɱaп was forced to pick up an adult by life.

So I saw signed to provide a look after his mother as much as he can

And for what he cannot do.

He just stands at the door and asks people for help.

The eight-year-old has to fetch water early in the morning, return and fight forth.

A food is available.

Then he has to go and collect Fairwood, which is the traditional way of cooking that is applied by ɱaпy poor African villages.

After gathering enough, he heads back home and then just the whole cooking process.

It’s hard to imagine that the little fella is only eight years of age and has to do all this by himself.

My health condition deteriorated.

I cannot even stand up by myself, let alone Moving On My Feet.

There has to be the support of someone else.

If not, I would lie or sit in one place for the whole day.

My my boy takes me to the washroom, he washes me and does all the dirty work for me.

This mother once went to hospitals for examination and she never liked the results.

They said it was cancer, but she can’t believe that this leg is really having that deadly disease and with not enough money she couldn’t have further treatment, which is why her leg keeps getting larger and larger.

Due to how long this has been, I don’t think it’s cancer, for it would maybe have taken my life.

It’s been six years since the day I felt work on my feet, but my boy has been everything to me.

He can collect food and cook.

Anyhow he is not that good in cooking, but I like his efforts in helping me and that helps me survive.

Being the reason he dropped out of school during his second year in primary, the husband or father to this boy never did his responsibilities as a parent, having abandoned them shortly after he was born, and this mother thinks that the husband might be having a clue of what is happening to them, but he chose to go away from them.

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