Gazing into Desperation: A Mother and Malnourished Child’s Struggle in Northern Nigeria’s Battle Against Famine

Her name is nour, aged 18 months old.

She’s thirsty and desperately hungry.

Her mother has traveled with her for days to get here inside Wadiya Hospital.

Almost every child is suffering from malnutrition.

It hasn’t rained heavily here within any of their lifeᴛι̇ɱes.

Some are very tiny and frail, others are bloated, their skin peeled away by their condition and in need of help.

They really need it urgently.

It’s an, it’s a lot of agency and some of them we can’t a cannot even wait to prosecution.

On our journey into the district of which year, the Green Landscape soon turned to desolate, grey by the roadside, evidence of the slow drift of drought and death.

Cattle, even a giraffe.

Apparent vicᴛι̇ɱs then, these men who’d walked for four days to get supplies for their animals.

His container will barely keep him going for the journey back.

But there are ɱaпy more people moving town and even country, some escaping war in Somalia as well as the drought.

Right now, across the Horn of Africa, there are millions of people on the move, mothers who’ve taken their children and a few possessions to walk more than a hundred miles to get basic treatment at a centre like this one.

The journey has been painful, but staying at home would have been much more so they welcomed.

This woɱaп says that the drought killed her cattle, so she’s moving sad with her family in search of water and food.

This is not quite a famine.

Not yet.

Its causes were complex, natural and ɱaп-made, but its consequence has been simple and painful.

Rohit Catuai Tv news would year.

Some have come with everything they own, others seemed totally alone, lost among the Exodus.

Their journeys have been long, exhausting and often distressing.

The world’s largest refugee camp gets a little larger every minute.

1,500 a day come here fleeing war and drought, but local Coiny to get here.

Abby Grady has walked for 24 days with her five children along her journey from Somalia.

She was joined by other families crossing the border who, Luna, got it.

This woɱaп left her home with her 12 year old son but arrived alone.

He collapsed from hunger and died on the way nearby.

The youngest, frailest refugees are taken for treatment.

Some are just a few weeks old.

They might have got here just in ᴛι̇ɱe, but their short lives are still in danger.

Outside, food is distributed to the hungry crowd.

As so ɱaпy people, this will be the first real meal that they’ve eaten for several days.

The rations are small, the camp is overcrowded and yet ɱaпy people are so happy to be here.

But look at what they’ve escaped to an area of northern Kenya where pressure for water is so great that a lake nearby is now totally dry, where a water tank lies empty, destroyed in a fight for the final few drops.

If they’re willing to to walk for weeks without food, they risk armed attack.

They risk being attacked by wild animals.

Even it shows the levels of desperation in places that have been affected by this drought, and so in a few months half a million refugees would have made this their home.

Rohit Catuai, TV news.

Northern Kenya.

More than a thousand new refugees today, the Somalia inch towards famine.

The population of their new home edge towards that of a large city with its own morning rush.

The city has now grown its own commuter village, formed in terrible conditions by desperate people, the remor arriving all the ᴛι̇ɱe.

But ɱaпy are stuck, unable to make the final few miles to the main camp where there’s a proper supply of food and water.

The people who live here haven’t been placed here.

They’ve chosen to come.

They’ve created their own community because the pressure in the main camp is so great.

Bless you.

In ɱaпado, Seeyes Lima is waiting for space there to free up.

She tells me that to get here she walked for an entire month from northern Somalia with her five children, but along the way she took on another child because his mother died from hunger as they traveled south together.

Families have been reformed along the way.

There are now only a few miles left of this journey, but when they’ll make it they still don’t know.

Rohit Captura, Itv News- Northern Kenya.


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