Funny photos of dogs assisting their owners in selling fruit make us laugh.



Step aside, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner because there’s a new face in the world of supermodels. Meet Xiao Pi, a seven-year-old pup who has taken the internet by storm with his adorable floppy ears and toothy smile. Xiao Pi has become an internet sensation after being photographed modeling unique outfits and hairstyles made entirely of fruits and vegetables.


Xiao Pi, the adorable canine, has gained immense popularity and has even gained public figure status on Facebook, with more than 100,000 devoted followers. However, there seems to be a bit of confusion as to whether Xiao Pi is a male or a female cub.


Xiao Pi, the adorable dog model on Facebook, effortlessly flaunts various delicious head accessories, including a lychee headband, curly bamboo shoot wig, and blueberry crown. Modeling delicious hats seems to come naturally for this furry little friend.


Piers Atkinson would give his seal of approval for sure.


Xiao Pi can be seen in adorable photos dressed as a dainty lady and helping to run the stall. These images are available on the littlepdog Facebook page.


Xiao Pi, a cute dog, resides in Tainan, Taiwan with a fruit and vegetable vendor as his owner. The pup’s Facebook page revealed that the owner had a brilliant idea to use the products from the stall to create clothes for Xiao Pi, potentially helping to increase business.


Xiao Pi, a furry friend who has gained popularity among dog lovers in both China and Thailand, has overcome his teething problems and is now enjoying the good life. This news is courtesy of the Shanghai Daily.

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