From Homelessness to Safety: The Amazing Change in a Boy’s Skin and Life

This little boy was spotted in mid-July while wandering the streets of Ćuprija. He would appear, then disappear. Volunteers of the association for the protection of animals Ravno Štit decided to look for him, remove him from the street and try to find the owner. They took him to the vet, because the condition of his skin was frightening.

It turned out that he had untreated demodex in an advanced stage and was not microchipped, but he was not young either. According to estimates, this guy is about 15 years old, but he is extremely vital and surprisingly cheerful, considering the condition in which he was found .

They cleaned him of parasites, he received therapy, and the treatment of his skin , which was about to burst, began .

They were very happy that the 4d test showed that the little one did not have heartworm or any other disease. 

He was too good at the vet, he waited patiently, we’re sure he felt that all those people were there for him,  to help him, relieve him of his pain and make him happy.

His teeth are also in bad shape, decayed, full of tartar, so they will need a good cleaning. A new therapy, bathing, will be gradually introduced, and at the next examination the puppy will receive a chip and a rabies vaccine.

We follow his story and believe in a quick recovery! And for the owner, if there is one and if it can be called that, we have no comment! Good luck, honey! 

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