For the first time, Amos, a blind dog who was adopted from a rescue facility, will have his new pal Toby as his guide.

Jess Martin was volunteering at her neighborhood animal shelter when she met Amos, a sweet Staffordshire who was born blind and instantly fell in love. She hurriedly welcomed him into her home when she discovered that he was having trouble finding his forever family. For Amos, what started out as a brief foster home swiftly changed into the place that would shape his life for the rest of time.

Jess was worried about how Toby, her nine-year-old terrier, would perform with his foster sibling. Toby was the best pal of Jess. The idea of growing their small family seemed a little daunting, but they had shared some incredible adventures and had a lovely bond. After a couple of days of unsurely, Toby and Amos’ bond grew.

Amos had lived at a rescue facility his entire life and had never lived in a house before meeting Jess. Amos was irritable with the feel of carpet on his paws and would run into walls and became afraid of TV sounds. The blind puppy struggled greatly with even the most basic duties, including finding the water bowl.

Toby first had his doubts about Amos, but Jess quickly picked up on something unusual. If Toby observed Amos stumbling to locate his water bowl, she would gently nudge him in the right direction. Amos eventually had his own guide after what started as an infrequent gentle prod. Jess was aware that she had gained yet another beloved friend, as was her family.

As Amos grew older, he underwent eye exams. The eyes would be best removed out of compassion because it was decided that they were probably the source of his daily strain and anguish. Soon after the operation, Toby assumed the job of Amos’ “unofficial guide dog.”

When Amos and Toby first started going for strolls together, he was anxious. He would be terrified by the noises in the area and would need to stop frequently to lay down and gather himself. Toby would instantly take a seat next to him and wait for him to be prepared to proceed.

The furry buddies’ favorite activity is now hiking through the hills! With body bumps and prods, Toby helps Amos navigate the slopes, and if he veers off the path, he assists in bringing him back.

They are respectful of one another’s limits and have a strong rapport.

Even though Amos has mastered the skill of hiking, he still has a lot to learn about socialization and how to get along with other dogs. Amos’ inability to communicate as a normal dog would scare off many dogs, therefore Toby will frequently act as a go-between during these interactions. Toby’s social skills are improved by Jess and him every day!

Amos could not have asked for a better guide or guardian than Toby! In one another, they had found a friend for life.

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