Everyone started crying as they heard the story of the dog’s injuries sustained while looking for its owner.

Amora was a stray dog ​​and I met her in a very unfortunate situation.

The monsters shot him taking advantage of his kindness.

He didn’t know what was going through her mind when she was wagging her tail at them.

He wanted to make friends, but this is the result he got.

I was so embarrassed to look this kind girl in the eyes.

His jaw was broken into many small pieces and there was a large wound on his neck.

Bullet fragments were found in the snout and under the skin of the body.

Bone was found in the stomach and this was very dangerous.

And what saddens me the most is that no one passed by trying to help her When they saw a dog standing in a puddle of water injured and looking for help.

On day 2, Amora’s injury surgery lasted almost three hours.

On day 3, he underwent a second bone reconstruction surgery.

A frame was placed in his jaw and he underwent an esophagectomy.

He was in a lot of pain, despite being given high doses of painkillers.

As I stroked Amora’s head, tears fell from my eyes.

I prayed that he would recover soon.

From that moment on you were safe and protected.

Keep trying.

At that moment I was better.

The doctor gave him exercise to improve blood circulation.

Our little one was still very tired.

Come on, my warrior.

If only I could share this pain with her.

Our problem was pain syndrome and severe purulent inflammation in the oral cavity.

Right now, we still have to continuously inject painkillers into the vein And, to put her in a better mood, we constantly cheer her up and tell her jokes, But all that didn’t seem to make her happier And that made me so sad.

Did you see her wagging her tail slightly?

Our efforts were not in vain.

Antibiotics were still injected to remove pus and dead tissue.

She would soon be cured soon And she was able to get up on her own and come out to greet me.

His face was also much brighter than before.

Day 30, how wonderful, our Amora.

The structure has been removed.

It has ceased to perform its function.

However, the jaw was still fixed so that there was no discomfort when moving.

What do you see in his eyes?

I see peace.

I trust those eyes.

The doctor said I’d be free to eat in about a month. And, you know, he took me for a walk like a local.

Where do you want to take me?

Day 60, she was able to feed herself.

The esophageal tumor was treated and what was even better was that we could be discharged the next day.

We were so happy at that moment.

All the difficulties and tests were over, We would have to go thank the doctors for their dedication.

Everyone at the vet was impressed with his transformation. And this was our happy moment.

One for each other.

Are you surprised by the exchange rate?

Amora experienced pain, she was close to death, But she still has faith in people And since then her life was only joy and happiness.

Come meet her.

I guarantee you will fall in love with these beautiful bright eyes.

Thanks for watching.

God bless you all.

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