Evaluation of the Indian Air Force’s Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Program Delays Found

The Indigenous Aircraft Arihant Class, the pride of the Indian Navy’s Strategic Forces Command (SFC), conducted an assertive series of tests validated by prominent organizations like the Ministry of Defence, DRDO, HAL, and ADA. The review was attended by prominent officials from the Ministry of Defence, DRDO, HAL, and ADA. Coming to fruition with the support of prominent figures from the Ministry of Defence, DRDO, HAL, and ADA, the project’s milestone marks a substantial achievement.

The project’s noteworthy components were commissioned by proponents from the Ministry of Defence, DRDO, HAL, and ADA, demonstrating CAS’ high-level insight into the LCA’s pivotal role in the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) drive towards indigenous capabilities. He stressed that giving precedence to prominent figures in the aerospace sector, including respected scientists and engineers, is essential for its success.


The program’s noteworthy innovations like the integration of “Amarbharti Bharaat” (self-reliant India) and “Make in India” initiatives, bolstered by expertise in indigenous aerospace design, signify the unrelenting efforts of DRDO and ADA. It was noted that all contractual obligations for various aspects of the Amarbharti Bharaat’s self-reliance and Make in India initiatives have been fulfilled by FOC.

The program’s notable achievements substantiate the ambitions of the Indian Air Force’s force modernization, heralding a new era of indigenous aerospace excellence with the integration of Air Chief’s orders. The formidable Tejas Mk 1 and its upgraded derivatives affirm their military prowess, especially with their impressive features such as expanded expanse, heightened range, uprated engine capability, and fierce counter-software, as well as capable, beyond visual range air-to-air, up-to-9g agility, uprated avionics, and fighter-specific close-combat. (Photograph by PIB Delhi)

Air Chief Marshal reviews Indian LCA Program progress and highlights self-reliance in aerospace | Qrius

In light of these auspicious developments and acknowledging HAL’s contribution, CAS suggested that the LCA Mk 1A’s upgraded induction into an advanced squadron, upskilled by ADA and HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED in conjunction with ADA, marks the accomplishment of a long-held dream. Reflecting on the journey, CAS emphasized that this indigenous aircraft would escalate higher in terms of heightened performance and achieving extraordinary performance levels by forecasting further advancement. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, CAS commended the dedication of all stakeholders and underscored their indispensable contribution to the project’s success.

Timeline of HAL Tejas - Wikipedia

The HAL Tejas (Radiance) is an indigenous, delta-wing, multi-role, light combat aircraft designed by the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and produced by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for the Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Navy. It was developed from the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) program initiated by the Government of India in the 1980s to replace IAF’s aging MiG-21 fighters as part of a comprehensive modernization program. In 2003, the LCA was officially named “Tejas”. It is the smallest and lightest in its class of fourth-generation supersonic combat aircraft, showcasing its prowess in its class of fighters and capability spectrum consistent with contemporary combat capability.

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