Emaciated and Unable to Walk, Stray Dog Suffers from Starvation and Thirst

“When Barilla was rescued and brought to a cat and dog shelter in Granada, Spain, she had only a few functional organs remaining, resembling a living skeleton. Despite her solitary paralyzed leg, her muscles are so feeble that she can’t even crawl.”


The center’s staff was concerned that Barilla, who weighed only 7.2kg, wouldn’t survive the serious illness. Additionally, a life would not be saved by being late by just one night.

The staff gave Barilla a prop to help her build muscles because she was unable to stand by herself. It was also continuously hydrated for six hours before the staff dared to give it anything more nourishing.

Barilla has abrasions from crawling on the ground on all four of her legs.

After six hours of water supply, Barilla was able to stand up and drink, but it wasn’t for long.

After a week of care and therapy, Barilla has put on 4 kg, but she is still unable to walk or stand for long periods of time without frequently falling to the ground. Barilla took another six weeks to start eating properly, but she was still able to run and jump like any other healthy dog.

Barilla gave the staff their undivided attention.

Eduardo Rodriguez, the 37-year-old owner of the shelter, decided to adopt Barilla because they fell in love right away. At the moment, Barilla resides with his wife, daughter, 14, and five additional dogs at his Rodriguez home outside of Granada.

After residing on the streets for several months, Barilla now owns a home.

Anh Rodriguez stated that he had never adopted a dog before the death of one of his dogs in an accident five years prior. He explained his decision by saying that “her determination to survive was incredible and I felt a connection to her the first time I saw her.”

Anh Rodriguez and Barilla exhibited intense affection and dedication right away.

Barilla’s recovery has been astounding; since her rescue on the fourth day, she has been eating five to six meals a day and gaining one kilogram per day. Barilla has already gained 20.8 kg and is nearly fully recovered.

Barilla was found by the locals, who then reported her to the police and the rescue facility. When Barilla was saved, she was only ten months old. Who put the unfortunate dog in this situation is still being investigated by the police.


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