Dog Rescued From Cruel Owners Gets Her First Bed And Can Hardly Believe It

Angel is a little dog whose owners ignored and abused him. Sidewalk Specials is an animal rescue group that finally intervened and took the dog away from its owners after learning about the dog’s condition.



He had scabs and burn marks all over his body and was terribly depressed. It was clear from his condition that he had never received sufficient care and love.



While obtaining medical treatment, he was placed in a temporary home. Everyone wanted him to finally live in a comfortable home after so much suffering.



He could not only feel love for the first time in his life, but he could also sleep in a big, comfortable bed! She couldn’t stop rolling around in the warm blankets, and she loved every minute of it.



Although animal rescuers and his temporary owner were unsure whether he would ever find a forever family, someone eventually wanted to meet him. It had to be love at first sight! They made the decision to adopt Angel and provide him with a forever home.



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