An undernourished body swarming with fleas and ticks provides the backdrop for a tale of resiliency, survival, and second chances.

Chase’s story begins with a heartbreaking discovery. He was found in a terrible condition, with a rope still tied around his neck. It was unclear how long he had been left in that place, but he appeared sad and almost desperate. Wet, shivering, and scared, his body was extremely malnourished and covered in ticks and fleas. It was evident that Chase had been through a lot.

It was suspected that Chase had been tied up and left in that place. He had been attacked by village dogs and was forced to hide in a corner, away from people. But now, none of that mattered. It was time to bring him home and give him the care he needed. The rescuers removed his thick, dirty coat, which revealed a lot of ticks on his ears.

Despite all he had been through, Chase was an extremely friendly and intelligent dog. He wanted to thank his rescuers for saving him. The rescuers were determined to help Chase overcome his fears and make him feel loved.

As the days passed, Chase started to show improvements. He no longer felt scared and lonely. His once-malnourished body began to fill out, and he was eating well. He started to trust people again and became the happiest guy in the world.

Chase’s transformation was remarkable, and he was ready for his forever home. The rescuers appealed to anyone who would love and give him a chance to visit the description link of the video to welcome him back home. The video ends with gratitude to Fundación 2da Oportunidad and everyone who helped save Chase’s life. Chase’s story is a reminder of how important it is to give abandoned and abused animals a second chance.

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