Amazing comeback: 5-year-old youngster overcomes drug addiction and adverse effects

Ellis Stacey, a five-year-old, had a one-in-a-millimeter condition that covered his skis, and blistering.

Within days, the skis on his face, back, arms, and legs had peeled off.

Ellis Stacey, 5, suffered a severe allergic reaction to epilepsy medication, resulting in painful blisters on his skis. His parents worried he might not survive the week. Within a few days, he acquired a painful rash.

Ellis was prescribed Tegetol for an epileptic seizure.

Thankful, he has made a full recovery and is back at school enjoying time with his family.

Ellis’ story began in September 2013, when he had an epileptic seizure on his first day of school.

Ellis’ GP prescribed Tegetol, a common epilepsy medication, and urged him to stay at home in Wittomoath. The dγυg is also known as саγbamazepiпe.

Within a few days, he acquired a painful rash.

His mother, Kayleigh Dóaytoÿ, 25, stated that Ellis frequently reported feeling ill. Knowing something wasn’t right, I took him back to the GP.

He stated that everything was OK, but I wouldn’t listen.

I requested a second opinion and was informed that Ellis had a serious psychological reaction and required me to take him to the hospital.

By the time the family arrived at the Poole estate in Dover, Ellis’ condition had worsened significantly. His face was swollen and he had painful blisters on his mouth and throat.

After two days of treatment at the Sothampto General Hospital, he was diagnosed with the life-threatening co-ditio Steve’s-Johso syndrome, which led to a 40% increase in mortality.

The coating causes cells to shrink before shed, resembling a snake’s skin.

Victims experience visible scarring on their bodies and severe conjunctivitis, which can cause blindness and medical issues that prevent them from eating.

The HS website identifies SJS as a potential side effect of taking Tegetol.

The doctors worried that Ellis would not make it to the next week.

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