Against all odds: A mother’s courage as she welcomes her limbless child with a rare syndrome

In the 5th month of pregnancy, 24-year-old Jasmine Self had an ultrasound and showed that her baby’s limbs were not developing.

Doctors diagnosed the baby with Tetra-amelia syndrome – meaning the absence of all four limbs, as well as severe defects of the face, heart, nervous system, skeleton and genitals.

After being advised to terminate her pregnancy, Ms Self and her boyfriend Rondell Wilson decided not to give up their child. On September 29, 2018, Ms. Self gave birth to her son at 29 weeks.

Baby RJ Wilson weighed only 1kg and received special care for the first 2 months of his life. Currently, RJ Wilson is growing healthy and living with his parents at their home in Florence, South Carolina.

Baby RJ Wilson was born without arms or legs.

After giving birth, RJ Wilson spent 2 months in intensive care.

” I found out I was pregnant around April. However, I didn’t have a regular prenatal checkup until August, so by the time the doctor discovered everything, it was too late,” Ms. Self said .

Ms Self’s sonographer advised her to make an urgent appointment with her doctor.

” I was sitting in the waiting room of my family doctor’s office when he came out to greet me.

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