Abandoned and abused: Shocked by the image of two abused dogs reduced to skin and bones

Recently, dog lovers once again felt shocked by the image of two abused dogs with only skin and bones found near the university in the city of Ciudad Real, Spain.

The worst state was that the two newly discovered dogs were discovered and taken to the animal protection center.



You only have skin and bones and your fur is uneven and almost completely bald.

The scepter in charge of the care and treatment of the two dogs has named them   Raiz   (Roots) and   Tierra   (Earth). I also shared that you are not exposed to too much light, which is why your skin is so pink.

Carmeп Díaz   , volunteer of the scepter, said: “   I am completely starving and suffering from hunger for weeks and months. “This is the most terrible case I have seen in more than 35 years of work.” here  “


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