A Touching Display of Love as Devoted Dog Cries Beside Owner’s Coffin

The bond between Laika and her owner was so extraordinary that upon the owner’s passing, Laika’s actions moved many to tears. She attempted to reach her beloved master one last time, clinging to the coffin in a touching display of loyalty and love.

On social networks recently posted a very touching story about the love of a dog for his recently deceased owner. Specifically, on the Mondo Animali page, a picture of a dog at the owner’s funeral made many people choked and shed tears.

Laika the dog and his owner live together with sincere affection and treat each other like family. But then the boss fell ill and had to be treated in the hospital. When he felt his strength was weakening and he felt like he couldn’t hold on anymore, he wrote on his personal page a post calling on animal rescue organizations to take care of his dog Laika when he died. Until he felt the most fragile life, the owner was always worried about his dog.

His appeal has attracted many people willing to take care of Laika’s dog. Before his death, he still video calls with his dog. That shows how much love he has for the dog. And of course the dog also has a great affection for its owner.

On the day Laika’s owner passed away, the dog was also taken to the church to see off his owner. But because it was in the church, the dog was not allowed in, but had to stand outside in the yard. At this time, a priest saw the dog standing restlessly outside the funeral, so he asked volunteers to carry it inside.

As soon as he approached the owner’s coffin, the dog immediately raised his legs to stand up to look at his owner one last time. This touching scene moved everyone to tears. And from then until the whole funeral, the dog Laika was attached to the casket of its owner. When the coffin was put on the car, the dog still didn’t want to leave.

When it comes to the love between owners and pets, there are lovely dogs like that everywhere. On social networks, he also shared a touching story about the dog Lando: “It’s Lando, there are 3 other dogs in the family, but Lando is not close to any of them, lying at the feet of his grandmother all day. She lay on the bed every time she waved, Lando would put his hand on her head to pat her head, on the day she died, no one caressed her to talk to her, but she understood herself, stopped eating. , and lay down sad … “. On the day the owner died, the dog Lando sadly did not eat or drink. And then I don’t know if it was a coincidence or because I missed her too much, but then Lando “eats” too.


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