A Paralyzed Dog and their Devoted Owner Share a Last Walk by the Sea

A pet is more than just a companion; over the years, they become an inseparable friend and an additional family member. They join us for walks, meals, and even conversations. Thus, the moment of parting is inevitably heart-wrenching, no matter whether it’s a cat or a dog; it’s the love that binds us to them that truly matters. When we sense that our pets are approaching the end of their days, we strive to provide them with all the comfort possible. We don’t want them to face their final moments in complete solitude. This is why Gianna Serena Manfredi, a volunteer with the “Qua la zampa” rescue dog squadron, decided to grant Heart, an endearing German shepherd who had been paralyzed for some time, a beautiful farewell.



German Shepherds are known to be susceptible to spinal cord diseases, often facing the risk of hind leg paralysis. One such condition is degenerative myelopathy, which can completely compromise a dog’s hind limb functionality. Unfortunately, this was the tragic fate Heart, a gentle and sweet puppy, gradually endured after being abandoned by his family during a move to a new home. Concerned citizens discovered him immobilized on the street and promptly alerted the “Qua la zampa” canine rescue group, who came to his rescue. Fortunately, timely intervention by volunteers saved Heart’s life. Nevertheless, the disease didn’t allow him to thrive for long. Over time, his front paws became entirely paralyzed, and gradually, the rest of his body followed suit.



Heart received his name as a symbol of his shattered heart due to abandonment. Thankfully, he found solace at the shelter, where he lived for a full year, surrounded by the love and affection of dedicated volunteers. Gianna Serena Manfredi, committed to the welfare of her four-legged friends, aimed to provide Heart with a final moment of tranquility and serenity by the sea. She took him on a stroll along the seaside promenade, utilizing a mobile bed designed for such situations. “I wanted him to feel cherished,” expressed the compassionate woman.



Heart’s last moments unfolded by the waves of the sea—a poignant yet joyous occasion because it offered the dog one last opportunity. “It was a profoundly serene and joyful moment for Heart. For a few hours, he could set aside the pain inflicted by those who didn’t care for him and the fact that he could no longer roam freely like other dogs. He was trapped in his own body. I provided him with some fresh water, allowing him to savor the scent of freedom,” concluded Gianna, visibly moved.




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