A Kind Samaritan Comforts and Aids a Dog in Agonizing Pain with a Broken Leg, Providing Solace and Relief Amidst

The streets can be a cruel place for stray animals, especially for those with serious injuries. Fortunately, there are organizations like the Romanian Animal Association, Kola Kariola, who strive to save these poor animals’ lives.


One day, the association received a call about a poor puppy with a broken leg that was screaming in the street. When they arrived, the puppy was panicked and screaming horribly, trying to run away from them but unable to do so. One of the volunteers approached him and hugged him, promising to help him. The puppy, who had no name, was given the name Benny.


Benny was malnourished and weak, but he received the care he needed. He was given sea water and X-rays, and it was discovered that he had a broken femur that required emergency surgery. The surgery was successful, and Benny was carefully cared for in the clinic.


Day by day, Benny’s condition improved, and he even made a friend named Red. Benny was eventually able to stand and walk on his feet, which was a great relief for everyone involved. Benny’s story is a testament to the power of compassion and dedication to animal welfare.

The Romanian Animal Association, Kola Kariola, is grateful to everyone who supported Benny’s recovery and for their efforts in providing a better life for animals in need. Benny is now living a happy life, and his gratitude shines through in every wag of his tail.h-a-n-h


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