A Global Journey of Friendship: A boy’s heartfelt farewell as he takes his furry companion on an unforgettable tour around the world

For a family there is nothing more essential than offering the best moments to their beloved puppy, who has already reached a mature age and will naturally soon pass through the canine rainbow.

And if one thing is certain, it is that the presence of a puppy entails a great responsibility, but it is also one of the best experiences we can have.

Whoever opens their heart, without devoting too much time to it, makes the furry one the most in the family.

This is the story of a family and his beloved furball, who is 105 canine years old, somewhat advanced in age but with a young heart and determined to continue enjoying the days he has left with those who love him so much.

This puppy is going through a normal phase of his adulthood, so he no longer has the same vigor as when he was younger, his body is tired but the brightness of his eyes continues to delight his adoptive parents. he.

Realizing that time with his dog was running out, the family decided to get away from the cold Western climate and planned a special road trip to spend quality time with Poh, his beloved ball of fluff.

The main goal was for the pup to have the opportunity to get its paws wet in the Pacific Ocean. Then they headed to the destination.

Poh often gets tired, so he visited numerous places in a special car.

Poh was able to reflect on each area and enjoy the view from a special cart provided by his family. Among the places visited was the famous Buddha statue at Peace Demesne in Sedona-Arizona. In this regard, a family member commented:

“My trip to Sedona has been fantastic for my spirit.”h-a-n-h

Poh is so pampered and loved by his family that throughout the trip they gave him tiny special notes for him. One of them says:

“I gave away time! Every day my mom does this to me. My stomach is so sensitive that she needs to prepare new meals for me every day.”h-a-n-h

Among his favorite foods is rice with a mixture of vitamins, this helps relieve stomach pain.

He is the king of the home, that’s why his family lets him lie on the double bed and cover himself with beautiful quilts.

He seems to know that his family gives him special care and appreciates every minute. How nice to know that a family took the time to prepare a special trip for his tiny puppy.

Even though his small body is tired, he doesn’t stop smiling or conquering everyone with his charming gaze.

Nowadays there are numerous possibilities to travel with our puppy. Thanks to the presence of programs and websites we can find a wide range of opportunities and visit these tourist places together with our naughty furry friends.

There are various agencies that offer accommodation, dog daycare, hourly walks or even dog sitters that are part of the trip.h-a-n-h

We love knowing that this family has informed themselves and has decided to give that special trip to a puppy, who with his sensitivity and mischief entered their hearts. Nothing like spending your golden years being pampered and loved until the end of your days.h-a-n-h

No one offers what they don’t have in their hearts and this family has a lot of love to give to the people who make their lives something genuinely extraordinary. There are no excuses not to travel with puppies. It is worth getting out of the routine and appreciating the entire family.

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