A dog that was born with malformed front paws will astound onlookers with its amazing adaptability as it effortlessly navigates its surroundings.RITA

Ruben, a dog rescued from Romania after being born with only two functional legs. See SWNS story SWREX; A wonderfully cute puppy has made the most of being born with malformed front paws by running about like a T-REX. Adorable Reuben is forced to move around by standing on his back legs and running around like a dinosaur, his deformed front paw resembling a tyrannosaurus rex forelimb. The happy canine was rescued from imminent death by the British charity Safe Rescue for Dogs in the same Eastern European village where kangaroo-hopping puppy Roo was saved earlier this year. Zoe Hare, 42, a charity worker, stated, “Ruben knows no different and doesn’t understand there is anything wrong with him.”With the same gusto as puppies on four legs, he dives into everything.

A extremely gorgeous puppy has ignored the fact that he was born with malformed front paws by bounding around like a T-REX.

Adorable Reuben is forced to move about by standing on his hind legs and running like a dinosaur.

He balances himself by holding his deformed front paw like a tyrannosaurus rex forelimb and utilising his tail.

The happy dog was rescued from impending death in the same Eastern European village by the British charity Safe Rescue for Dogs.

“Ruben knows no different and doesn’t understand there is anything wrong with him,” charity worker Zoe Hare, 42, said.

“He throws himself into everything with the same gusto as puppies with four legs.”

Ruben gets around by stomping around like a dinosaur and bounding around, much to the amusement and consternation of onlookers.

Karen Stanway, 31, adopted the happy pup and hopes that a pair of wheels will give him a new lease on life.

The single mother, who worked as a veterinary nurse before taking time off to care for her child, fell in love with seven-month-old Reuben before even meeting him.

Safe Rescue, a charity, rescued the two-legged puppy from Romania and placed an ad to find him a new home.

“He is so adorable, we only got him last Saturday and he fits in so well,” she said.

“He plays with my other dog, Ally, and goes for walks despite his disability.”

Karen noted that, despite his outgoing demeanour, she frequently receives curious reactions from onlookers.

“When we take him out, people sometimes give us dirty looks,” she explained.

“I’ve heard someone mutter under their break that he should have been put to sleep but he’s such a happy dog and he doesn’t know there is anything wrong with him.”

Karen also mentioned that, despite his zest for life, Reuben, a Jack Russell Collie cross, quickly tired from the extra energy expended by only using his hind legs.

“It was a few weeks between the times I enquired about him and actually got him, so I sat down to prepare ramps, gates, and came up with as many ideas as I could to improve his life,” she explained.

“He’s only a baby and he is desperate to run around, so a set of wheels is the best option for now.”

Karen stated that the puppy is “completely devoted” to Penny, her five-year-old daughter.

She has set up a crowdfunding campaign to get funds for his wheels, but she is only asking strangers for £500.

She went on to say: “We are desperate to see him have the freedom he deserves – he is such a special and happy boy and for all he’s been through deserves this chance.”

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