A 16-year-old dog spent its final hours with its family before taking its last breath

Losing a pet is heartbreaking for everyone, but especially for this family, who had to say their final goodbyes to their 16-year-old pet dog.

Okey, who had been searching for his family for the past 16 years, died in February of this year. His lovely grin and delightful demeanor warmed everyone’s heart even in his final moments.

In the video, Okey can be seen laying in the arms of the adolescent child, surrounded by family members, before taking his final breath.

Even though he lacked the enthusiasm he previously had, Okey responded to his mother and nodded happily when she sang him a sweet lullaby.

Okey died seconds after his mother commended him for his nearly two decades of service to their family.

The young kid and his family were distraught at the prospect of saying goodbye to Okey, but they knew it was time.

Okey, 16, has been in the hospital for two years due to his sickness.

Sadly, there was nothing that could be done to assist Okey.

His family then returned him home, allowing the senior dog to spend his final days with those he loved the most.

Despite the fact that Okey was frequently sick, they did not expect him to leave them so soon.

Okey was going to leave them, as the adolescent lad cradled his tiny body in his arms.

Okey had the good fortune to spend his final moments with his family.

When the video was put on YouTube in March, it soon received 1.72 million views from individuals who wished to express their condolences and compassion to the family following the death of their beloved companion dog.

Okey and his family said their goodbyes, but they knew it wasn’t the end.

“Thank you for visiting. We’ll run into each other again.”

Here are the final hours of Okey’s life.




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