31-year-old woman: Trapped in a child’s body



Foreign normally signifies blessings to many people, and when one produces a child they celebrate the newborn, but that never happened to this family since the Deathly’s daughter was born.

She was born with a physical condition that met her body to stop growing, being the reason.

Those who don’t know her thing- she’s young, and men here- cannot believe that she has more than 30 years of age due to being weak.

Everything here has to be done by her mother, who vowed to others being there, though some people advise her to throw her baby, but she could not.

They’re living a difficult life here and surviving and getting food is so difficult.

They tell us more of their life story.

Today we take a long journey to this far Village in Kenya.

The mother gives us our warm welcome and says she does not get visitors more often, and just seeing us has made her happy and brightened her day, is the eighth child in this family and the only disabled child here.

Life was difficult

She says she was born different and since the mother’s pregnancy there was worries about the child in her own, as she always had a lot of health problems when tumaini was about to be born she came to this world with an extreme short stature, as she was smaller in size and was born with what looks like a hunchback.

Life was difficult since young that even crawling took more than eight years and she started walking at 13, which contributed to a lot of disadvantages.

She says the mother took her to school but due to always being sick, concentrating and focusing on lessons, failed.

Teachers tried their best, but she was never improving.


As the mother realized it was just a wastage of time and later brought her back home, and she now spend most of her time here sleeping until when the mother comes and reminds her

that it’s that time she wakes up every morning and then get a cup of water, look for any stick around, and then brushes her teeth.

No real toothbrush and not toothpaste, just water and this piece of a tree, and she’s okay with it.

Since she was born with such health conditions, her life is at stack and she cannot do most things here, because even sitting on this too requires the mother to lift her and make sure she sits well, then bring her some water and start washing her, because the 31 year old cannot do it on her own due to the fact that the mother does almost everything, yet she has a small stature some people cannot really believe that tumaini is that old, but a few who live nearby realize that she’s an old woman who is trapped in a toddler’s body others, on the other hand, go on adding some discouraging and negative comments, but the 31 year old has learned how to live with such people and all she does is keeping quiet since she only found herself that way and she will never change a thing, she asked that self-acceptance is the key foreign ones do have dreams to achieve, but since she never went to school, she somehow lost her and says she’ll never give herself false hopes.

That dream is simple: to have a good life, have food and eat, then see her mother living a longer life.

The mother also tells us more of our child.

She says that since the day she delivered, she realized that life was going to be tougher, as she could not even manage to sleep during pregnancy.

She had fears that she would produce via a cesarean delivery, also known as a C-section, but she somehow had a normal delivery.


She says that the baby’s head was too big, that everyone who saw her was kind of shocked.

Legs and arms were small, but what was more terrifying was the head, where people said that she might be having some fluids in hate, which was not really the case.


Grew the more she developed some unusual and terrible signs that would leave the mother shocked, like delaying to Crone and walk, which took years and years to happen.

Since the day she gave birth to tumaini, her life has never been the same, because she suffered a lot and struggled with raising and taking care of her.

Yet she also had other children who needed parental care and support.


She never thought that her daughter would understand on her feet and walk as others, but one day what she calls a miracle happened, as the daughter grew up a stick and started moving around slurry by slurry, and that restored her hopes and share had to take her to schools, as she believes that every child has a right to education.


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