Unveiling Extraordinary Beings: Fantastic Human Hybrid Creatures or Visitors from a Parallel Dimension?

Giants, mermaids, and dragons. Myths and legends, as well as folk literature, speak of fantastic creatures like mermaids and dragons, but also of giant men who existed in long-forgotten times.

Mainstream historians and archaeologists have long ignored these legends and folk tales, but lately, the discovery of skeletons that prove the existence of sirens, dragons of all kinds, and giants can no longer be ignored

Many scientists with wider views believe that many of these creatures are not from our universe, more precisely they have lived or still live in parallel dimensions or universes and have arrived here through interdimensional portals that naturally occur from time to time.

The existence of parallel dimensions and universes is no longer questionable for many years, their existence being confirmed by quantum physics. We invite you to watch the videos that show us the skeletons of these magical creatures